About Kenneth Roraback

Kenneth Roraback accepting an Appy Award for Best Educational Game.
That time I awkwardly posed in front of someone’s empty beer bottles after accepting an Appy Award for Best Educational Game (for Learn with Homer).

'Who is Kenneth Roraback?' => 'Call me Kenny! I am a user experience designer–interaction designer–scientist–engineer–theater director–videographer–musician–reader–writer–thinker–creative professional who is currently based in Washington, DC via New York, Boston, and Lindsborg, Kansas. I moved to Boston in 2002 to study at MIT and become an astrophysicist, only to discover upon working in the Center for Space Research as an undergraduate that I needed a more even mix of creative and analytical challenges as I work—and partiularly that I love to make things. At MIT, that translated into double degrees in physics and theater, but I was drawn to New York in 2012 by Parsons’ MFA program in Design and Technology, where I studied user experience and interaction design. I stayed in New York for another 3 years to design Learn with Homer, an amazing early literacy program. In 2015 I moved to Washington, DC to join an awesome up-and-coming network security startup called Fast Orientation, where I designed the UX/UI for a beta product that helps companies better understand how their networks are functioning. As a designer of interactive media, I am particularly drawn toward projects that I believe will make a positive impact in the world around me. I love unique interfaces, quirky design, and experiences that push me to think in new ways. I tend to consider myself a ‘planner,’ but I love surprises, particularly in the design and art that I experience. I love work that has social implications, that makes me uncomfortable, and that provokes discussion, debate and strong reactions—positive or negative—from its viewers.',

'What’s up with this design?' => 'I’ll let you in on a secret. (Okay, true, now that it’s on my website, it isn’t so secret): I get tired of seeing pristine white portfolio sites that are made from templates, and that are designed to have as little character as possible, in the interest of showing off the work. I have personality. I have character. If a website is meant to represent me, then it had better have personality and character, as well. This site was inspired by my love of both creative and analytical endeavors. The colors and titling are inspired by my programming experience and the cobalt color scheme in TextMate, which was my favorite text editor for many years.'