Reading Room in a Sea of Grasses

Reading Room in a Sea of Grasses
A view of the reading room from the ‘sea of grass.’ A beanbag chair can be pulled out from under the bed as needed for reading within the room or out on the dock that extends over the grass. The three roofs overhang differently to relate to the spaces that they are covering.
Overhead view of Kenneth Roraback’s ideal reading room
An overhead view shows the reading spaces: inside and outside spaces on the dock, the stone tile, the bed, and under the third roof outside the room.
The reading room from across a foot bridge
I pass over a foot bridge to reach the island. Here, profile shot of the building as I approach from ‘civilization.’
The reading room - a view from the bed
A view from the bed, where I often love to read. Stretching off into the distance: wide open fields. Maybe a couple of free-range dairy cows. I'll pretend they are manatees.
Helicopter view of roof and dock
I like this view of the reading room—the play of roofs and a dock mirroring each other. One stretches over the ‘sea’ and protects me from the water, while the others stretch over the building and protect me from rain.

'Project' => 'Design my ideal room for reading within the constraints provided to me. I imagined a reading ‘island’ in a sea of grasses, and I designed a structure to create spaces with unique atmospheres for reading that could suit my mood at any given time.',

'Challenges' => 'Fit multiple unique spaces within a fixed room size of 7 x 9 feet and a predetermined 3-tier landscape.',

'Solutions' => 'Using wood planks that extend into a dock outside the building, I created two open, sunny spaces: one inside with protection from the elements but plenty of sun for most of the day, and one outside in the open air where shadow never falls at all. Stone tile covers the floor deeper into the reading room, and a bed at the back is wrapped up by a heavy cement wall and partially obscured by bookcases on either side of the room to create a sense of greater protection. Lastly, there is one more space outside of the building that is covered for outdoor reading in the rain. The three roofs cover the three zones for reading, with a bit of overlap, while their differing heights create a means for some natural sunlight to trickle in from above.'

'Irony' => ' Since designing the room, I have been diagnosed with severe grass allergies. Who knew?',       );