Networked Portrait: Tweet Stalker

Tweet Stalker is a fun, critical look at Twitter’s role in our lives. While it can be an incredibly useful tool for immediate updates of things happening in the world, it can also just be creepy.
Tweet Stalker - Lady Gaga’s Twitter account
Tweet Stalker follows Lady Gaga, since my friend Alvaro is a big fan.
A close look at Lady Gaga and Alvaro in the Tweet Stalker.
A close look at Lady Gaga and Alvaro in the Tweet Stalker. The black and white image is printed on vellum and backed with several layers of white tissue paper, so that when Lady Gaga’s Twitter account is inactive, it looks like a regular black and white photo.
Lady Gaga and Alvaro during a Tweet - Tweet Staker
When Lady Gaga tweets, her face glows until Alvaro hits a key to reset the image to a standard photo, ready for the next Tweet. That way, even if he isn’t home when she tweets, he will see it when he returns. Immediately following the tweet, Alvaro’s heart beats three times.

'Project' => 'Create a project that uses ‘the cloud’ to control Arduino. Working with Liz Rutledge and Alvaro Soto, we each created our own implementation of a twitter user tracker.',

'Challenges' => 'Learn the Twitter API, connect it to Arduino hardware, and implement a project with its own voice and commentary on the social networking tool.',

'Solutions' => 'Twitter is an amazing tool with a lot of potential for political and social good, but it can also become a silly waste of time, or even a creepy stalker tool. As a critique, I chose to make the Tweet Stalker: the creepier side of Twitter in physical form. The Tweet Stalker is a badly PhotoShopped wedding photo of the stalker with his favorite star. Whenever Lady Gaga tweets, her face glows, and Alvaro’s heart beats three times. If Alvaro is out when Lady Gaga tweets, her face will keep glowing until Alvaro presses a key to reset it, ready for the next tweet.'