Eurasian Harm Reduction Network: Corporate Branding

Template Documents for Eurasian Harm Reduction Network
Template documents created to unify the style of Eurasian Harm Reduction Network. On formal reports and publications created for distribution, the first page includes a graphic of the region, to help people immediately identify to organization’s location. Note how the heart’s shape forms subtle structural elements at the bottom of letterhead and business cards.
Templates made for EHRN in Microsoft Word
Microsoft Word templates made for EHRN’s reports. Because the organization has limited technical expertise and limited access to design software, I created most templates in MSWord with a default color palette and styling to match the corporate style I set, as well as a set of guidelines for how to create reports, going forward.
Templates made for EHRN's Monthly Newsletter
Eurasian Harm Reduction Network transitioned from monthly e-mailed reports to its quarterly newsletter, The Voice of Harm Reduction during my fellowship. I designed the first issue, and left them templates for use in future issues. Because they hire a graphic design firm to typeset the newsletter, these had a bit more design flexibility than internally-generated reports. Also pictured: a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation template.
EHRN Logo Redesign - Before and After
EHRN’s original logo, and the revised logo. I adjusted coloring, changed the type, and focused on the full organization’s name to reduce confusion with the EuroHRN—a problem exacerbated by the fact that EHRN’s full name was illegible in most settings. Central to EHRN’s identity since it was founded, the heart became the foundation for their corporate identity. It is now found in their “I am the evidence” campaign and their “Harm Reduction Knowledge Hub” logo.

'Project' => 'Redesign/update Eurasian Harm Reduction Network’s logo and create a consistent corporate identity through template documents, while maintaining the strong symbolism of the current logo with its dual-languages and what I call its ‘hugging heart,’ which has been part of the organization’s identity since its founding as the Central and Eastern European Harm Reduction Network (CEEHRN).',

'Challenges' => 'A year prior to my work with Eurasian Harm Reduction Network (EHRN), the recently created ‘European Harm Reduction Network,’ aka EuroHRN, was created, and people began to confuse the work of EHRN with EuroHRN—particularly because EHRN’s logo had initials with the full name in a font so small that no one could read it. Meanwhile, EHRN was struggling to unify its image so that it would be clear that each of its documents was made by the same organization.',

'Solutions' => 'I eliminated the initials from EHRN’s logo to spell out the organization’s full name, adjusted the logo’s heart for greater clarity, and updated the typeface to Hypatia Sans, a much more elegant and subtle typeface than the Helvetica Rounded of the older logo. For many of EHRN’s publications, I included a map of the region for easier immediate identification of their geographical region (as distinct from the EuroHRN’s region), and I created the tagline, ‘Improving health and protecting human rights for individuals, communities, and society’ out of EHRN’s much longer and much less direct mission statement.'