Expressive Type

Expressive Type - Is there Life On Mars?
Typeface: Futura. Titled ‘Is there life on Mars?’ this type experiment is a tribute to David Bowie’s music video for a song by the same name. It is a wild video.
Expressive Type - Silly
Letters teeter atop one another in this type experiment. Typeface: Gill Sans Bold.
Expressive Type - Angry
Typeface: Futura Bold.
Expressive Type - Bereft
Typeface: Perpetua.

'Project' => 'Using a classic typeface, express the meaning of each word to its fullest while maintaining the integrity of the letter forms.',

'Challenges' => 'Use a standard, relatively neutral typeface to express an idea with clarity and intensity, without altering the basic structure of the letters being used.',

'Solutions' => 'Each solution is unique to the word in question. I chose and developed a design idea based on impressions or associations that came to mind when I considered each word. For example, thinking about the word ‘angry,’ two things came to mind: I imagined scratching up the letters, and I imagined anger ready to burst out of a compacted space, almost like it is bursting out of a trash compactor that presses inward upon it. Its walls push in on the letters as they fight and push out against it. Ultimately, I combined the two ideas and skewed the angles of the container to give it a greater sense of struggle and pressure.'