Promotional Web Video for The Ben Powell Quartet

An introduction to the music and the mission of the Ben Powell Quartet.
Quotes in the Ben Powell Quartet video
Ben asked me to include several quotes by prominent people in the jazz scene. I did my best to display them in ways that would not only honor the quotes, but also play them off of the video. I would have loved for this clip to play with text overlayed for the entire quote, but the footage he provided for this section was unsteady and needed to be hidden.
Ben Powell in interview with Kenneth Roraback
The video moves back and forth between the light, relaxed living room interview and the darker, formal ‘First Night’ concert. I conducted and filmed the interview, but utilized pre-existing footage that Ben provided of the concert.'
Ben Powell in performance
Naturally expressive with his posture and movements onstage, Ben’s concert performance—although grainy and low-resolution—has a powerful presence in the video.

'Project' => 'Interview Ben Powell and utilize existing video from a recent concert engagement at Boston’s First Night celebration to create a promotional video about the Ben Powell Quartet, for use in the group’s electronic press kit.',

'Challenges' => 'Strike a balance among performance footage, great reviews of Ben’s music, and interview footage describing the quartet and its driving vision.',

'Solutions' => 'Following the interview, Ben selected the interview text and performance clips that he found most central to the quartet’s music and mission. I assembled a rough cut and gave him additional options for edits. Together in the editing room, we then pared the footage further, down to the most important and relevant material.'